Friday, September 07, 2007

Innocence Project discovers evidence leading to new trial

Students and staff of UIS' Downstate Illinois Innocence Project were instrumental in uncovering new evidence that helped win a new trial for Herbert Whitlock, currently serving a life sentence for the 1986 murder of Dyke and Karen Rhoads. An appeal filed by Whitlock's attorneys seeking a new trial was granted by Illinois' 4th District Court of Appeals on September 6.

Whitlock's attorneys in this appeal were assisted in the post-conviction investigation by students in Wrongful Convictions class taught by Larry Golden. Under the direction of Bill Clutter, the Project's director of investigations, the students interviewed witnesses and helped prepare for the evidentiary hearing. Clutter had also worked to develop forensic evidence that was used earlier in successful efforts to free Whitlock's co-defendant, Randy Steidl, from death row. Read more>>

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