Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UIS expands online reach by partnering with California's Coastline Community College

The University of Illinois Springfield is among three universities partnering with California’s Coastline Community College to create a seamless pathway for students to earn an online bachelor’s degree.

“The model – developed at UIS and refined over the past dozen years - holds many advantages for students and institutions,” said Ray Schroeder, UIS associate vice chancellor for online learning. “It provides a near seamless melding of the community college and the university in the academic program of the student.”

Students will complete 30 credit hours of coursework at the community college and then be concurrently enrolled at UIS and the community college for the next two years – taking classes online at both UIS and the community college. During this period of time, the student receives an associate’s degree from the community college.

“Since the student is enrolled at both institutions, the libraries, learning centers, advising and other services of both the university and the college are available to assist the student in making smooth and steady progress toward the degree,” said Schroeder.

The student’s final 30 credit hours are taken at UIS, culminating in the bachelor’s degree. UIS offers seven bachelor’s degrees using this model including: Business Administration, Computer Science, English, History, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, and Philosophy.

The UIS one-two-one online learning model has proven very successful. It is now being expanded in a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Project led by the League for Innovation for the Community College. Joining UIS in the project are the Penn State University’s World Campus and the University of Massachusetts Online.

The partnership is expected to serve as a model for expanding the capacity at community colleges in California, which have been forced to turn way students due to budget cuts.

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