Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Freshmen paint recycling mural at Founders Hall

A group of freshmen students is leaving a lasting mark on Founders Residence Hall at the University of Illinois Springfield. They’re painting a mural to encourage fellow students to recycle.

“Recycling is really important in today’s society. We’ve done a lot to this earth and it’s not good and if we don’t take action soon we’re really going to regret it,” said Cheyenne Stephens, freshman psychology major.

The students are painting the mural as part of their UNI 101 class, which introduces first year students to the college experience. The class teaches study habits, organization and time management, but that’s not all.

“We have to do a project around campus to help make the campus look a little bit nicer,” said Megan Johannsen, freshman biology major.

Class members came up with the design for the mural and sketched it on their own. They then approached Housing Director John Ringle about the mural. He approved the idea and the students’ idea became a reality.

“It’s something that kids will see everyday and it gives some lively color to the residence halls,” said Keenan Eberlin, freshman clinical laboratory science major.

The mural is located above the Founders Hall recycling bins, which are next to the front desk.

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