Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UIS reconfigures Doctor of Public Administration program

The University of Illinois at Springfield is currently accepting applications for its newly reconfigured Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) program. The application deadline to be considered for acceptance into the program this fall is April 15.

The new program is designed for the working professional and has evolved into a degree that incorporates a candidate’s skills and life experiences into a plan of study that uniquely anticipates a lifetime of learning and application, according to DPA Program Director William Miller. “While having a common core covering essential subjects in public affairs and administration, the program allows a student to choose the elective specializations that fit his or her individual career aspirations,” Dr. Miller said. “It is the perfect blend of scholarly standards and real-world innovation.”

The previous DPA program, with an emphasis on graduates going into or continuing in the academic arena, has graduated about 15 students during the past several years.

Located in UIS’ College of Public Affairs and Administration, the DPA program’s mission is to advance the education of experienced practitioners interested in improving their understanding of public management and public policy.

“These individuals can make a significant contribution to bridging the gap between practice and scholarship. This is done by developing a capacity to bring practitioner experience to the scholarly community and in turn translating the scholarly contributions back to the world of the practitioners,” said Patrick Mullen, a professor in the DPA program.

In the fall of every odd-numbered year, a cohort of 15 students is admitted to the program. They focus on a variety of policy and administrative issues while attending core classes in the evening.

After two years in core classes, students take electives and begin their dissertation work. Depending on how many classes they take per semester, students complete the degree in about four years. Many students hold full-time jobs while attending classes.

For information about applying to the program, please contact William Miller at (217) 206-6310 or For more information about the DPA, visit the UIS web site at Click on A to Z at the top of the page, then on D. You will find the DPA listed there.

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