Friday, June 19, 2015

New UIS freshmen make connections during orientation

The University of Illinois Springfield is welcoming hundreds of new students to campus during Freshman Orientation in June and July. A total of five different orientation sessions are planned.

The two-day overnight orientation session helps students understand UIS academic expectations and major requirements, allow them to meet with an advisor and registering for classes.

“We hope they’ll fill comfortable having their schedule, having their id card, having made several friends, getting to know some of our current students (our orientation team members) and some of the faculty and staff,” said Lisa McGuire, UIS director of new student orientation and parent relations.

For students it’s also about getting to know their classmates. Incoming student Ashlee Knapik has already started to make friends.

“It’s been really great getting to meet a lot of the people I’m going to be seeing around here for the next four years of my life, especially the girls I’ve met. I’ve already made a lot of bonds,” she said.

Other students, such as Kiana Davis, are a little nervous about moving away from home for the first time.

“It’s a little overwhelming, but (orientation is) helpful and I’m getting more comfortable with the campus,” said Davis.

Student Orientation Coordinators Katie Selway and Duane Willingham try to reassure new students that they will find a place to fit in at UIS.

“They’ll be plugged into something on campus and there’s ways to get those jitters to go away,” said Willingham.

Orientation leaders hope the new students leave UIS with all of their questions answered and ready for their first day on campus.

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