Monday, January 07, 2008

Innocence Project work pays off for Herb Whitlock

On January 8, Herbert Whitlock is expected to walk out of an Edgar County courtroom a free man after spending over 20 years in prison for a murder many believe he did not commit. Richard Kling, Whitlock's attorney, noted that he was "eternally grateful" for the work of the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project at UIS.

When Illinois' 4th District Court of Appeals issued its decision to reverse Whitlock's conviction and life sentence in September 2007, the Court cited the investigation of the Innocence Project, in which UIS students working with Bill Clutter, director of investigations, uncovered evidence that had not been presented at trial. The appellate court held that the State had suppressed evidence favorable to Whitlock's defense and violated his right to a fair trial. On January 4, prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the case. Read more>>

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Anonymous said...

Finally, this man is owed a lot from society.