Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New U of I President getting to know UIS

University of Illinois President Michael J. Hogan used the word “beautiful” to describe the UIS campus during his first official tour on July 26, 2010.

During his visit to the Springfield campus, Hogan met with leaders, talked about the budget and took a look around campus.

“The old and the new, each in their own way are very pretty,” said Hogan following the tour.

Hogan says he’ll be on the UIS campus on a regular basis as the search for a new chancellor begins. He also plans to work closely with current Chancellor Richard D. Ringeisen to monitor the financial crisis the University is now facing.

“I want to make sure and I don’t think I have to worry about this at all, that each of the campuses is pursuing their distinct and very special mission,” said Hogan.

The visit wasn’t Hogan’s first to the campus. UIS hosted a welcome celebration on May 13, 2010 after he was named the 18th president of the University of Illinois.

“Today, I think was wonderful from start to finish,” said Chancellor Ringeisen.

Hogan was selected from a field of 208 candidates for the University of Illinois presidency and emerged as the top choice in the seven-month search because of his uncommon combination of scholarship, university leadership experience and achievement.

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Greg Mayes said...

I believe in a way that this new president has a special place in his heart for UIS. When he was first introduced to us, he seemed to connect with us. He understood what this campus means to us and our connection as employees.