Friday, September 21, 2012

Student government Fall 2012 election results

Election results from the Fall 2012 Student Government Association elections have been certified. Voting took place on Wednesday, September 19 and Thursday, September 20.

The following students are the winners of their respective races:

Senator: Education & Human Services - Blake Johnson

Senator: Transfer Students - Dane Vincent

Senator: Undergraduate Students - Justin Keenan

Senator: Freshman Students - Brian Geiger

Senator: Online Students - Barbara Matthews

Senator: Graduate Students - Ying Liu

Senator: At-Large (2 positions) - Samia Ahmad, Joseph McGee

As in every election, not all candidates were successful in obtaining their desired position. There are numerous other leadership opportunities on SGA committees that students may wish to pursue and they are highly encouraged to do so.

Congratulations to all candidates as they demonstrated leadership through their willingness to assume the responsibility associated with these important positions!

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