Friday, July 19, 2013

UIS welcomes new students during Freshman Orientation

The University of Illinois Springfield welcomed hundreds of new students to campus during Freshman Orientation in July. A total of four different orientation sessions were held.

“It really about the transition from high school to college, understanding the transition into the University of Illinois Springfield,” said Yolanda Beamon, UIS director of new student orientation and parent relations.

Students say they choose to come to UIS for many reasons, such as affordability, closeness to home, and the availability of high quality internship programs.

“I chose UIS because it seemed the most comfortable when I went to go visit,” said Gabrielle Pawlowski, an incoming freshman. “I visited other colleges also, but this one just seemed to fit me the best.”

All new first-year students are required to participate in an orientation session. Students met with their advisers, took placement exams and made sure their immunization records were in order.

Students also participated in fun activities throughout the day, such as playing mini golf in Brookens Library, while learning more about the library’s resources.

“The best part is the information and also playing mini golf. That’s awesome,” said Alberto Nava, an incoming freshman.

The freshmen ended the day by spending a night in a UIS residence hall, which gave them a preview of college life and what to expect.

“I hope they leave here a little more comfortable about coming to UIS, a little more at ease,” said Beamon.

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