Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chancellor honors Civil Service employees

University of Illinois Springfield Chancellor Richard D. Ringeisen honored more than 300 Civil Service employees during the 3rd Annual CARE Awards. A luncheon ceremony was held on September 23, 2009 in the Sangamon Auditorium lobby.

“You’re really important people, front line people. You’re the people whose smile makes a difference in students and parents lives,” said Ringeisen.

Sharon Heflin, who works in the Office of Graduate Intern Programs, was honored with the 2009 Chancellor’s Award to Recognize Excellence in Civil Service. Heflin started as extra help in the GPSI office, and was hired into the Center for Legal Studies full time in October 2001. Then, in 2002 she was hired to work in the GPSI office again, and has been there ever since.

The person who nominated her for the award said about her, when you look up “ethical” in the dictionary, you see a picture of Sharon.

Other Civil Service employees nominated for the award include:
Carolyn Cerven, Account Technician II, OBFS
Deborah Dove, Admissions and Records Specialist II, Admissions
Bobbie Fults, Office Support Specialist, Computer Science
Normajean Niebur, Office Support Specialist, Criminal Justice
Marcia Rossi, Office Administrator, Library Administration
Dawn Tompkins, Staff Clerk, Experiential and Service Learning
Carol Wendling, Administrative Clerk, Academic Affairs

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