Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UIS hosts 97th Illinois General Assembly House Inauguration

The University of Illinois Springfield’s Sangamon Auditorium was the site for the inauguration of the Illinois House of Representatives on Wednesday, January 12, 2011.

A crowd of about 2,500 people packed the auditorium to watch lawmakers take the oath of office.

The house inauguration has taken place at UIS ever since 2007 when the house chambers were undergoing a major renovation. House leaders approached UIS about hosting the event and were so pleased they decided to keep the event at UIS.

“We’re particularly keen to have representatives from all over the state know that there is a wonderful campus of the University of Illinois right here in the state capital,” said UIS Chancellor Harry Berman.

One of the lawmakers sworn in on the stage of Sangamon Auditorium was Representative Wayne Rosenthal from Macoupin County, a graduate of Sangamon State University/UIS.

“I actually had classes downtown. I think in the Leland Building because they didn’t have all the classrooms built, so there’s a lot of changes that continue to go on,” said Rosenthal.

The freshman lawmaker is happy the inauguration was hosted at UIS because it allows more of his family to attend.

“If we would have done it down at the capitol then you’re limited on the number of people that can come. For me this is important to have this and it and it just helps for the whole community,” he said.

Chancellor Berman and Community Relations Director Joan Sestak wish to thank the dozens of UIS volunteers that helped make the event possible.

View photos from the 97th General Assembly House Inauguration

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