Monday, August 03, 2020

UIS awarded a state grant to increase the number of paid internship opportunities for students

The University of Illinois Springfield’s Office of Engaged Learning has been awarded a nearly $45,000 Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program grant to increase the number of paid internship opportunities available to students completing academic internships through the UIS Internships and Prior Learning Program.

The grant will provide matching funds for approximately 40 paid internship opportunities. Students will receive a wage of $12/hour for their work. Students can work a total of 100-300 hours per semester (or summer term), depending on how many credits a student seeks to earn.

Many UIS academic programs require students to complete an internship in their field before graduation. Internships provide valuable experience that can assist students in locating employment beyond college.

“During these challenging times, we are particularly thankful that UIS has been named as a grant recipient to administer this competitive internship program,” said Tammy Craig, director of the UIS Office of Engaged Learning. “Eligible students who might have postponed an internship over the summer due to extenuating pandemic circumstances, or were not able to participate in unpaid internships, will now have additional options to explore.”

Students participating in the Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program are required to enroll in an undergraduate internship course (IPL 300). Students keep a journal of their experiences, which encourages daily reflection, and complete other assignments as part of the course. Employers who participate in the program will match $1 for every $1 of Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program funding used to pay student interns.

“This grant benefits both students and employers,” Craig said. “The program is advantageous for employers who want to offer both typical and unique COVID-19 pandemic-related paid internship opportunities, since they now have the potential to receive additional funding that supplements wages for a paid internship.”

The grant will provide funding through Aug. 31, 2021. For more information, eligibility requirements, application links and deadline dates for each semester for both students and employers who wish to participate in the program, visit

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